New signs for old

The external directional signs around Talygarn Ward at County Hospital were rather looking the worse for wear.
We used the existing poles and wrapped them in white gloss vinyl. Rather than a series of signs we made each one up as one piece which will do a much better job of withstanding all weather and will last for many years.
They all were updated including the Welsh language and using NHS display guidelines. Here’s a couple of examples.


Transform doors at the end of a corridor

How’s this for the transformation of a traditional pair of doors at the end of a hospital corridor?
This is at Annwylfan Ward within Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr at Caerphilly.


Performance Board

How about this for a Performance Board? It has to be one of the most comprehensive we’ve ever  designed. Well done to the staff at Thornton Ward at Lynfield Mount Hospital for their dedication with the content. It went through a number of versions but the end result was certainly worth all the effort.

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