The Care:Display Process – How we work in secure care

Secure care is not about dealing with a single challenge, but the application of care, thought, and clinical guidance to overcome a range of mental health conditions, including dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Those in secure care experience their own reality, so fixtures, fittings and decor must reduce stress, and any risk of harm. The aim is always to create a friendly environment, and make every room a safe haven from the stress that typically manifests itself as aggressive and destructive behaviours.

How we do that is a mix of applying our extensive experience to the advice of the staff running the facility. We appreciate that no two jobs are ever the same and are happy to defer to the expertise of those who spend time in the building and understand the patients better than anyone.

The Process

  • The site survey is a visit to your facility to agree the project brief, better understand the work involved, the preferred outcome, and budget.
  • The detailed proposal specifies items, potential locations, specifications, and an itemised costing.
  • Because production is in-house, we can meet the most stringent deadlines and pivot if requirements change. More here.
  • We fit the artwork panels using industrial strength adhesives, and seal them for extra security with a protective satin finish.
  • Our unobtrusive team fit in with the running of the centre, and offer an overnight and weekend installation service.

The Checklist

Every care sector project has informed the next. We defer to clinical advice and follow the latest expert guidance from bodies such as NICE, and charities dedicated to specific mental health issues.

While we regard every care home brief as unique, there are certain elements we regard as standard, and essential for every job.

  • Materials: Robust and safe
  • Colourways: Sympathetic and relaxing
  • Decision-making: Science-based
  • Different needs: Address multiple service users
  • Multi-lingual: Clear signage
  • Imagery: Local or otherwise relatable

Case studies: A sample

Sherwood Oaks for Montpelier Estates and St Andrews Healthcare.

We produced and fitted display panels throughout this facility, an independent medium secure hospital with 70 beds, selecting images to provide a suitably calming atmosphere.

They included a series of digital wallpaper landscapes and seascape images installed in giant lightshafts in the main reception area and corridors.

More here and here.