Secure Care: Indoor Panels

Practical aesthetics for secure environments

When creating secure care accommodation, aesthetics are likely to be a lesser consideration than function. But our experience of working in this sector has proved the two need not be exclusive.

Our work in creating internal panels for secure care homes comes with very specific challenges.

There become tired and uninspiring and will benefit from a new approach to indoor display. One great way to revamp an area or room is through the introduction of graphic panels in the form of framed prints, panels or banners. Without having to alter the structure of a space, colourful images and your logos produced in the form of printed wallpaper can change the whole tone and feel of an area.

For example, our work in prisons has been ideal for proving the robustness of our panel fixing.

We are steered by clinicians, experts-by-experience and carers, and interpret their advice in the context of our most relevant previous work, to deliver the best result for those using the specific space.

For the residents of Sherwood Oaks, the brief was all about creating a calming, ambient atmosphere.

Because every job is unique, we arrive prepared to create custom shapes to fit into unusual spaces. Rigid panels are secured with fit-for-purpose fixings, while banners are produced on a range of fabrics, from heavy canvas through to semi-transparent voiles or meshes of various grades.

We print onto self adhesive PVC, self cling window films, and offer a range of temporary and permanent wallpapers.

The reliance on robust materials can make institutions forbidding places, which adds stress to everyone using it. Our view is that the transformative power of imagery, aligned with the use of the appropriate materials, can work both inside and out.