Custom UK and Ireland display maps

You can now order your custom made UK and Ireland display maps. These are designed by us which means you can change the layout to exactly how you would like it to look. The examples below show a selection of options you can choose. It’s  towns, cities and counties on the left, and towns and cities in the centre. You can choose how detailed you would like the maps to be and, of course, there is a “You are here” option.
We generally produce them using rigid pvc with a protective satin seal but they can be framed images, canvas blocks or even as wallpaper. The panels can be fixed directly to the wall making them secure and passing infection control tests. Th one in the photo is in an outdoor courtyard and has a protective polycarbonate sheet over it.
You can choose virtually any size to suit the available space, get in touch and we’ll are sure it’s perfect for your facility.